Second Square Tower. Entryway. Ingward also sells more Transient Curses should you need any (for a much cheaper price than the other). Your objective now is to make sure you have a weapon with the Divine attack type imbued to it as the next area will be much easier with one, it's also worth noting that a higher Faith stat will allow you to deal a lot more damage with a Divine weapon if you want to level that up as well though in my opinion it isn't worth it as it takes a lot of souls invested to see any real improvement. Unlocking Doors - In the room where the failed trap was originally set, find a ladder in the fireplace that will take you to the roof to meet Ingward. If you acquired Lordvessel at the end of Anor Londo, he'll give you the Key to the Seal when you talk to him, if not, you can take it by forcing his hand through death; although, you may want to purchase all items you need from him before killing him, if you choose to do so.Head back to the trap room, out the first door and turn left. For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "best weapon to deal with New Londo Ruins? When you arrive back speak with Kaathe one more time and he will offer to teach you the art of Lifedrain, accept his offer and join his Covenant to unlock -. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Cross the bridge and go "into the mountainside". Treasure x2: On corpse in a vase, before the rickety bridge to New Londo Ruins. For Dark Souls veterans, the Red Tearstone Ring is located here on the other side at the top of a tower next to the giant closed gates to New Londo Ruins. First Square Tower. Since this is the case, ghosts are immune to all weapons except certain special blades. Either way, you'll have to make your way back to the lower ledge and continue to the passage we ignored earlier, to arrive at a door. Help us fix it by posting in its. With James Huang, Lauren A. Kennedy. Once the Four Kings have been defeated you will be rewarded with the Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard, 60,000 souls and four Humanity as well as unlocking. Head to the very left side and climb the proceeding stairs. This blacksmith upgrades weapons to Magic and Enchanted status (if you have the right embers) and also sells a Catalyst for 500 souls, Soul Arrow for 2000 souls and Heavy Soul Arrow for 4000 souls. Welcome to part 13 of the ultimate guide to dark souls, the youtube series that covers everything to know in dark souls from an informative new and old player viewpoint. Defeat it to safely loot the Cursebite Ring from the corpse and then go back to the doorway you passed by earlier and go right once you get outside. Head straight through and around the outer halls to find a Soul of a Proud Knight then head into one of the central rooms where another female ghost is standing in front of a fireplace, when she and the other ghosts in the area are dealt with climb the ladder, at the top you can speak with Ingward, he will give you the Key to the Seal allowing you to reach the boss for this area, you should also purchase the Resist Curse spell (Checklist Sorcery 18/24) for 5,000 souls to save making a trip for it later. As you step off the second bridge, you'll start to see the ruins you're about to traverse in the distance and keep your eyes peeled for the two figures slowly floating toward you - these are Ghosts, and here's what you should know about them, before proceeding: Once cursed - whether by your own hand or through an unfortunate event - you should be able to defend against the attacks of the two Ghosts. Two Ghosts will come through the walls of the tower to attack you, but if you back up just enough you should pull only these two - leaving four more in the water. They have some quick close-combat slashing moves, and a longer range grab attack. Head over to the corpse you can see to pick up a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier (you will be attacked by a few ghosts as you cross this walkway). On the other side kill the Darkwraith on your left then look over the other side to see a new enemy, the Mass of Souls these things will spawn Wisp enemies to come at you but other than that they are very slow and quite easy to take down, the only danger here is two Darkwraiths waiting inside the stable like structures on either side of it, if you can lure them out one at a time then focus on the Mass, when it's head walk behind it on the right and look to your left, loot the corpse for a Humanity then head into the doorway and up some steps, right in front of you will be a Soul of a Brave Warrior then turn back and follow the path all the way around and up some steps to a chest, inside is the Very Large Ember which allows you to upgrade regular weapons to their maximum level of +15. Defeat the Four Kings, inheritors of souls. Just try to avoid being hit or use Bloodred Moss Clump. Sold by the Ingward for 1,000 souls a piece. Continue through the only other door in the room to arrive at a spiral staircase, that will take you down one floor. Head back and continue right. Your next stop on the quest for the Lord Souls is the New Londo Ruins. They scream when the player gets too close, and is said to attract other ghosts. Down To The Lower - In here is a spiral staircase. For the Dark Souls III variant, see Cursebite Ring (Dark Souls III). Luring them back to an area with more land for you to maneuver around and then coming back for the Fire Keeper Soul, is probably the best strategy to execute. At the bottom you'll be attacked by Darkwraith - a skeleton armored with a sword. Wikis. After collecting the Fire Keeper Soul, head back across the bridge to the right side of that area and look behind a wall, close to the edge to find a pot with a corpse holding another two Transient Curses (Note: Once you lower the water level, this will become a shortcut to access the Lower New Londo Ruins). Ignore the stairs for the moment, enter the other door and a strategy to be employed can be to target the Banshee quick before the rest of the Ghosts appear; once the Banshee is dead, head back outdoors to lure the remaining Ghosts for easier dispatching. Ignoring Frampt from this point on will ensure you can find Darkstalker Kaathe in New Londo Ruins once you defeat the area's boss, but following this path to it's conclusion guarantees the wrath Frampt; he disappears and ceases to provide his services of trading items for souls or breaking-down titanite, for the rest of this play through. Fog Gate - Through the fog gate you'll climb a staircase that will lead you to an elevated catwalk. Used to unlock the shortcut door from New Londo Ruins to … Goodbye Old Friend - Head back to the open area of crazy Hollows to find a doorway, opposite to the one you exited from, leading further into the area. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Mad World - Once you've arrived on the Firelink elevator, go down the stairs - behind the first flight of stairs, to the left, you should find a corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Solider - until you reach an open area, through a doorway on your left. damn this is a really unfun area to explore, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, They are floating apparitions of the previous inhabitants of. 24. Look on your right as you cross the second bridge and you'll notice an item out in the water, we'll get that soon. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Full New Londo Ruins Upper Walkthrough. Mad World - Once you've arrived on the Firelink elevator, go down the stairs - behind the first flight of stairs, to the left, you should ... Watery Area. As soon as the battle begins wield your weapon with two hands, once the first King shows itself sprint towards it, they will often use a magical attack while you are at a distance but with your high magic defence this shouldn't be too bad, get in as close as you can to the King and start swinging, the idea is to stay as close as possible, at this range it's hard for the sword attacks to make contact and if they do only the hilt will hit you dealing significantly less damage than the attacks would if hit by the blade, the only other attack it will use is a grab attack which you will be able to pre-empt as the King will draw a circle around itself before going for it, if you are quick you can dodge it but again with your high magic defence it shouldn't take of more than a third of your HP which is great in this case. You got wrestling in my video games. (Only 4 in stock.) You can attack it at this point, then pick your loot. Boss Fight: Centipede Demon Knight Solaire is … If you're quick, you'll step right over the Ghost that means to box you in, but you should simply take this one out should she manage to get in the way and run back to the bridge. The azure drakes of the valley between the New Londo Ruins and the shortcut to Blighttown ... the Chosen Undead can meet in the first Dark Souls. Just go from Firelink Shrine down to New Londo Ruins, then take a right atfer you hop off the elevator. WildPie101 3,007,521 views In order to kill them you have to possess a cursed weapon, be cursed or use the item Transient Curse, which allows you to hurt them. community members have thanked the author. From the Firelink bonfire, face the Crestfallen Warrior (or where he used to be) and look to the left for a staircase leading down. Found in the New Londo Ruins, the Cursebite Ring is located close to Ingward's location, on a corpse guarded by a ghost. Part 2: These can be countered by: It's advised that you take your time as you travel the. Upper New Londo Ruins can be accessed immediately upon your arrival at the Firelink Shrine but it's advised to wait until you need to kill its boss before you venture in too far. Follow the path to a fork and head down the stairs to the left to pick up a Green Titanite Shard then head up the stairs on the other side, at the top will be a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier, continue along the path ignoring the next stairs up and into a tower, turn left and go unlock a metal gate using the Key to the Seal, on the other side turn the wheel with the lever to open the floodgates revealing the lower section of New Londo. The Cursebite Ring is a ring in Dark Souls. To get to the ruins, go down the stairs near the bonfire at the Firelink shrine past the Fire Keeper and go down the elevator. On the other end head down the stairs and follow the path into a building, inside you will be attacked by a large group of ghosts as you move from room to room so always be on the lookout. They are equipped with two jagged knives. Dark Souls Game Guide & Walkthrough is also available in our Mobile App. Turn right, from where you entered, to find a ruined walkway with windows. Cross the two wooden bridges, equipping the Transient Curse before stepping off the second. A spiritual successor to Demons Souls, the action RPG Dark Souls is set in a rich, dark fantasy universe. By Jeffrey Parkin Jul 2, 2018, 2:23pm EDT Share this story. Down the slope you will encounter two Skeletons, you must land the killing blow with a Divine weapon otherwise these enemies will continue to come back to life (and no you cannot farm souls from the same enemy over and over), when they are dead face the way you came and on the right you should see loot, go to it and kill two more skeletons and pick up a Large Soul of a Lost Undead. Directly in front of the stairs you just climbed, be sure to kick the ladder here and go down. That is the fastest way to get through Blighttown. If you are a melee character then my method will serve you well, for strategies relating to sorcery or pyromancy you can find them by following the link above. At the top you will see a bridge that you have to cross over - but because this is Dark Souls, move to the right of the platform and undo the Ghost's plan to ambush you on the bridge by triggering it early. The ghosts of New Londo are the spirits of the former residents, who were wiped out when the city was flooded. Now head up the other stairs, picking up the Large Soul of a Nameless Solider on the way, and continue up the second set of stairs (ignoring the straight passage momentarily) to find Humanity at the end of the ledge. Go past the door toward the cliff to find a Hollow laying on his side. 22. Once you get it, you can either: jump through one of the windows to land in or near the room with the ladder that goes up to Ingward, or try jumping back onto the same ledge you jumped from as shown below. D&D Beyond Go up the stairs and unlock the gate that leads to Valley of Drakes. So unless you are super confident with your combat and rolling skills, you can spring the trap by sprinting in and then immediately out, the way you came. Found in a chest, in the cave leading from Blighttown to the Valley of the Drakes. In New Londo Ruins you'll find the boss Four Kings. The Great Hollow Note: This is a lot of traveling, so if you want to keep this for later when you finish Anor Londo, that's fine. Head over both the wooden bridges to the ruins and you will be faced with Ghost enemies, unless you wield a cursed weapon, are under the effects of the Curse status or have used a Transient Curse you cannot deal any damage to these enemies (hence why we bought a couple beforehand). Once back at the top of the ladder you'll see a corpse holding a Soul of a Nameless Soldier at the end of the ledge directly next to the ladder; watch out as there is a Ghost atop the archways, leading to the corpse with the loot. FREE IOS APP. Full New Londo Ruins Upper Walkthrough. Dark Souls New Londo Ruins You will find that the area is filled with Hollows, you don't need to worry about them as they will all ignore you, kill them if you like for a few extra souls. When everything is dead open a chest in the corner of the room for a Titanite Chunk and head outside, if you are in human form on your right will be a summon sign to call upon Beatrice to assist you in the boss fight (you must have used her against the Moonlight Butterfly for her sign to be here) then head through the fog door and follow the stairs all the way down until they come to a stop, before going any further now is a good time to check your equipment. Catwalk. New Londo ruins and item hunting, not the boss. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Each Transient Curse runs for about 5 minutes so watch out not to waste them. The Four Kings are a unique boss battle as you will have to face multiple enemies, either one at a time or up to four at once depending on how fast you are. Crossover - Continue on and you'll come a short set of steps that lead to a small circular platform; here you'll find a corpse in a large pot that will drop 2 Transient Curses - these allow you to defend against and attack the ghostly inhabitants of the ruins ahead, but the effect doesn't last forever once activated (Tip: Assign this item to one of your item slots to keep track if the item's activated or not; the greyed-out icon is an indicator that it is in fact, active.). Sold by the Female Undead Merchant for 4,000 souls a piece. This gate leads to a small open area, with only a large round lever; activating this lever triggers a cinematic that shows the water of New Londo Ruins being drained out to the Valley of Drakes, which also opens a shortcut between the two locations. Key To New Londo Ruins. Taurus Demon: is an early boss of the 'Dark Souls' loacted at the Undead Burg. Ghostbuster - At the end of the catwalk, you will see a second square tower ahead and as you walk around the tower towards the doorway leading in, look down and to your left into the water. Back where you killed the first two skeletons look just to your left where you can see another Large Soul of a Lost Undead then look left down a small path to another corpse in a cluttered group of tombstones, when you reach it two more skeletons will rise, one in front and one behind you, kill them and pick up the Caduceus Round Shield. You can jump through the whole to land on the stairs you ignored earlier. With the Four Kings dead another NPC will make himself known to you so long as you have not spoken to Frampt in Firelink since receiving the Lordvessel (though if you are following this walkthrough you shouldn't have) - Darkstalker Kaathe. Music is from Nier. Humanity Phantoms resemble Humanity as an entity and are utilised in the Dark Sorcery known as Pursuers. Proceed to the left of him, down the staircase to find Blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim - he's behind some bars on the left at the end of the stairs. Pick off the remaining ones in the water before going inside the tower -easiest to do so with a ranged weapon. NOTE: This elevator will not reset if you die; you'll have to pull the elevator call lever to get it back up (so don't fall!). Stray Demon: is one of the bosses in the 'Dark Souls' found at the opening area of the game. The area is highly dangerous. Back inside the tower head up the stairs now up to the walkways at the top of the area, through a doorway and on your left will be a corpse with a Composite Bow and 16 large arrows, you can now head back down and take the elevator here to the lower level. Head back and all the way down the stairs, to find a locked gate next to a lever which can be opened with the Key to the Seal you got from Ingward. This area is filled with Hollows that have gone crazy and are not interested in picking a fight, so you can ignore them if you want but seeing as they are easy and the only targets for souls in this area, you may want to whack a few on your way through. Bypass Anastacia's cell and find another staircase to descend to reach the elevator that brings you to New Londo. From here continue to another large tombstone just ahead where you will find another Giant Skeleton and three or four smaller ones, take your time and kill them all (I find it best to kill the faster ones first then focus on the big fellow). Mad World - Once you've arrived on the Firelink elevator, go down the stairs - behind the first flight of stairs, to the left, you should ... Watery Area. Updated on 19 October 2018 New Londo Ruins is one of four areas you can explore after visiting Anor Londo and beating Ornstein and Smough in … ". Follow the path until you find a hole in the wall, with a corpse holding a Soul of a Proud Knight sat next to it. Waterfilled ruins located deep underground, accessed by taking the elevator directly beneath Firelink Shrine. Kill the first group that attack you and then turn to face the way you came, to your left you should be able to see a corpse with an item on it, head in its direction and you will see you must go through a doorway with a narrow bridge leading over the water to the broken room, you will be confronted by a few more ghosts as you make your way over, when you reach the corpse you can collect a new Fire Keeper's Soul. Entering it will lead you to a thin walkway, hidden just under the water, which once crossed will spawn a few Ghosts around you. NPCs In Dark Souls ‍ The Four Kings: is a boss of the game who can be seen in the Abyss below New Londo Ruins. Speak with Kaathe and he will explain his motives and goals, when he is done select 'Yes' and he will transport you to the Lordvessel Altar, when you arrive place the Lordvessel and then speak to Kaathe once more and he will tell you what you need to do next, acquire the other three Lord Souls by killing their owners, when he has finished speaking talk with him again to be taken back to the Abyss. Convenience Is Key - Go to the right first and you'll notice the doorway that leads to the Valley of Drakes; you would've come from that doorway when passing through from Blighttown, to Firelink Shrine, earlier in the game. Regardless of what builds a player uses, Titanite is one of the most important … To the left of the corpse you will see some stairs going up into a building, before heading up go to the left of the stairs to a corpse on the well and pick up six Cracked Red Eye Orbs, then head towards the stairs (use a Transient Curse now if you haven't used one for a bit) the corpse on the stairs holds a Large Soul of a Proud Knight, inside the building will be a couple of ghosts, two Darkwraiths and another Mass of Souls. For the Dark Souls II variant, see Cursebite Ring (Dark Souls II). Titanite Fragments. Head back up the stairs and over to the other side of the area, head down the steps and if you exhausted all of the dialogue with the Crestfallen Warrior in Firelink Shrine he will be waiting here in his hollowed form and will attack, kill him quickly, he poses little threat then turn around and smash the jar with a body in it, pillage the corpse for two more Transient Curses, now would be a good time to use your first one. The key here is to kill each individual King before the next one jumps in to join the fight, you can also quicken the battle further by attacking a King during its death animation as all of the Kings share a single health bar it will still do damage. Traps - Including the - clearly a bait - Ghost at the doorway on the other side of bridge, there are a total of 6 ghosts in that room; one at every exit and another 3 that come in through the walls and floor. They have the ability to pass through walls and floors to attack you; don't rush into a seemingly empty area, and be surprised to find yourself surrounded. Catwalk. Killed ghosts also drop such item. Having dealt with the ghost, deal with the one that spawns at the doorway leading to the bridge. Share this on Facebook ... 2 comments / new. The instant you see Ghosts moving towards you, head back up onto the catwalk. New Londo's enemies are mainly ghosts. (Note:  Banshees are like Ghosts but have a little more HP, and a ranged lightning attack. 4) Bleeding - it is dealt by opponents with weapons such knives or katanas. Second Square Tower. This item is dropped by combat bushes in Darkroot Garden and can be bought at … Continue downwards into the corridors and take the second doorway to your left, out onto a ledge to find a corpse with loot, which will inevitably spawn a Ghost. Good way to tell it's a Banshee is the red on their face, and the fact they stop to scream when they see you, which makes killing them a little bit easier. In order to fight with him, you need the Ring Covenant of Artorias (an item obtained after a fight with wolf Sif ). When you are ready and you are sure you have the ring equipped, drop down off of the stairs and into the Abyss where you will face.. New Londo Ruins. First and most important you MUST equip the Covenant of Artorias Ring otherwise you will die before you even see the boss, next is to equip some strong Magic DEF items, Crimson and Antiquated items are good for this. Go back down to where you fought the Mass of Souls and turn right and walk out into a pool of water, turn left and kill another Darkwraith then collect the Large Soul of a Proud Knight from the corpse. The final beast of the Ruins sits on the other side, so prepare yourself for a fight before you cross the threshold. First Square Tower. Head up the stairs and take the only door to find a corpse with the Composite Bow and some Large Arrows. Head back up towards the start of the graveyard and now look for a staircase leading down on the face of the cliff, follow it down to reach the next area. Curse can be also removed by Ingward from New Londo Ruins. There are two Ghosts down here behind the pillars on the left that would attack you through the floor as you walked above, so getting rid them first is ideal. Head around to the other side and past the fog door, around the corner will be a female version of the ghosts though she isn't too different, she does have the ability to use lightning attacks, get in close and kill her quickly and she shouldn't cause you any trouble, when she is dead you can pick up two more Transient Curses from the body then head back and through the fog door. Ghosts will constantly ambush the player from walls, floor… The Coast Isn't Really Clear - Once the GHOST IS CLEAR, head inside to find a door with a staircase to the left and another door ahead that goes into a room, that leads into another room (doorway at the corner on the left) containing a Banshee and another blatant trap. Continue along and into a broken down shack, inside you will find a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and just through the door next to it is another Darkwraith, kill it and head through the fog door. You will find that the area is filled with Hollows, you don't need to worry about them as they will all ignore you, kill them if you like for a few extra souls. This walkthrough is the property of Games Movies TV Video. When you head back, you should see a tower's roof top to your left, you can jump onto it and collect the Rare Ring of Sacrifice. If you were able to summon Beatrice the battle will be even easier as she can both tank and absorb a lot of the hits as well as deal devastating magic damage to the Kings dusting them off in no time. Doing this properly will bring the fight to the bridge, and as a result, the Ghosts attack you more sequentially than simultaneously. Populated by passive Hollows and dangerous Ghosts. Nope, there is no bonfire in there, either have to use the bonfire in darkroot basin and trek through the Drakes everytime, or Firelink. For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I just found an Illusionary wall in New Londo Ruins (lower part)" - Page 2. (Patch 1.05) Dropped by ghosts in New Londo Ruins. Dark Souls Remastered: Anor Londo map. With the water drained, you may now pull the lever in the room to call the elevator and continue down, into the Lower New Londo Ruins. The effect lasts for 5 minutes. Once the water has been drained, the lower levels will be populated by numerous Darkwraiths. Many such items can be found in corpses in New Londo. Cross the bridge and be ready to fight a bunch of Ghosts - but first, be sure you aren't surprised by the one waiting at the end of the bridge. Transient Curse Location. Entryway. 24 videos Play all Dark Souls Remastered 100% Item Walkthrough 100% Guides The Dumbshits Guide to Dark Souls: Anor Londo - Duration: 15:01. Piles of corpses fill the ground near the floodgates, a grim reminder of New Londo's tragic past. 1 Location 2 Description 3 Curse 4 Enemy information 4.1 Characteristics 4.2 Attacks 4.3 Defenses 4.4 Drops 5 Gallery There are only two that can be found inNew Londo Ruins. Head back to the main area and head up some stairs, kill another couple of ghosts and cross the bridge into the castle, inside you will be ambushed by about six or seven ghosts but so long as you focus on killing them one at a time you should be ok. In New Londo you'll encounter ghosts. Back at the first skeleton fight, head up on your right side now and over to a much larger tombstone with a corpse in front where a Giant Skeleton will spawn, these guys are a little tougher but they are fairly slow, the main attack to watch for is a slamming motion when they hold their sword in both hands by the hilt and the blade, when it's dead collect the Winged Spear from the corpse. Through one doorway will be a lever with an elevator beside it, ignore this for now and head to the other end and down some stairs, at the base head over to a corpse you can see and kill a ghost waiting inside the wall beside it then pillage it to pick up a Parrying Dagger. Banshee is a type of enemy in Dark Souls. Ghosts are encountered in New Londo Ruins. Directed by James Huang, Lauren A. Kennedy. When you are ready to continue rest at the bonfire in Firelink and head into the temple area where you will see a large sleeping creature, this is Kingseeker Frampt, it's pointless to speak with him though, as we have joined Kaathe he will simply leave if you try, instead head around him on the left and through a doorway then turn right and down a hill into the graveyard. Wailing - Head back to take the only other corridor and you should arrive in a room with a fog gate on the right, with a Ghost waiting to rise out the floor in front of it, and a Banshee around the corner ahead, on the right guarding another two Transient Curses. At any point during a Dark Souls playthrough, players can take the stairs down in Firelink Shrine to reach the New Londo Ruins elevator. Straight ahead on the ledge is a corpse with the Parrying Dagger, but before picking it up, you should be able to see the arms of the Ghost poking out, next to the corpse. 23. On the other side of the door head up the steps and interact with the ladder, this will create a bit of a shortcut for you later. Just inside this doorway you'll find the Estoc and further in you'll fight a hollowed NPC, the Crestfallen Warrior, if you rang the two Bells of Awakening and then talked to him back at Firelink - as sad as it may be, he's worth 1000 handy souls and can be defeated without too much effort. I put my sign on the bridge just before you meet the first ghosts and was summoned by someone who had already drained the water below. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you look to your right and go down a staircase you will find another blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim this is the guy you come to see if you need Magic or Enchantment imbued weapons crafted. I had no idea what was going on and got absolutely destroyed by the darkwraiths. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Rare Ring - Head left to the little structure holding a Green Titanite Shard - as you may have guessed, wherever there is loot on this map, a Ghost not too far off. When they are dead, collect the Zweihander weapon from the corpse resting on the large tombstone, look further down the hill, not too far away is another corpse, jog down (no more skeletons) and pick up the Binoculars from the corpse. The first time I ever got summoned was in the New Londo ruins! Finally the last thing it may be worth doing is heading back to the Depths area and killing Basilisk enemies until you get 7 Eyes of Death, these will be used with an upcoming Covenant which you must level up in before killing a boss making it impossible to do so until NG+. He sells Transient Curses, the Resist Curse spell and can also cure your cursed status. When you join you will also receive the Dark Hand (Checklist Weapon 12/50), with everything done here, use the bonfire now to warp back to Firelink Shrine. At the bottom when you walk out if you look to your right you should see some dragon-like enemies, avoid these for now as we have no need to fight them, instead head straight across into the ruins and up some steps to face your first Darkwraith. Category:Dark Souls: Key Items | Dark Souls Wiki | Fandom. Head back down into the building and back to where you entered to take some stairs down to the lower level, before taking the exit follow the passage all the way around to another opening where you can pick up the Cursebite Ring then head back around and outside. Try to take them on one at a time if you can being wary of how many flasks you have as we are close to the boss now.