Unfortunately, like most web-based presentation software, iCloud Keynote also has its drawbacks. If there are compatibility issues, Keynote will give you a list of things that may look different. If you’re new to the Apple ecosystem, then you’re probably a stranger to Keynote, Apple’s very own presentation software. If you’re coming from PowerPoint, you may even think Keynote is too simple. Keynote sets the stage for an impressive presentation. There’s obviously nothing wrong with using the built-in themes and templates on Keynote. Jun 27, 2013 - Tasteful Keynote template / theme designs. But for Keynote, it feels like the mobile apps are a significant focus of the core product. You just need to know where to look. Notes function converts slides to handouts that look and work great. It’s presentation time! Cropping and photo editing can be quite tedious. You may not have granular control over every single aspect of your presentation (and this may be a no-no for diehard PowerPoint users), but plenty of Keynote users don’t mind. If you are working on a team that does presentations frequently and are in a Mac and PC environment, it’s probably a good idea to at least get comfortable with both pieces of presentation software. If you absolutely don’t need to use PowerPoint, then why not give Keynote a try? But if you have plenty of white space on your slides, then you can direct their attention to whatever you’re showing on screen. The design looks less like a standard slide deck, with a more polished overall aesthetic. The graphics used are simple enough to understand. Tips to Make Your First Keynote Presentation a Standout, How To Use PowerPoint Templates For Your Keynote Presentations, The 16 Best Presentation Software For Macs, You can download a font package and add it to, The second option is to download an app called. Why? Awesome, right? But which do you choose? You don’t need to download it, but if you need to, you can always download it for free on the App Store. Then there are those that look fun. There are so many great designers sharing their work these days. It doesn’t have to be an original photo or one that you took yourself. You can put a picture on a slide, and it will tell the audience its own story. Make Best Use of Template Features. While there’s a Media button, you’re limited to adding images only. This what the iCloud Keynote workspace looks like: As you can see, it looks almost exactly the same as the desktop version. There are so many creative Keynote templates to choose from. Using this free template for PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slide, you can quickly create an effective business presentation. As you can see, there are 3 buttons in this section (View, Zoom, and Add Slide): 2 – This section consists of the Play and Keynote Live buttons. There’s a lot of blank space on the slide – this is what’s known as white space. You can try or buy a subscription here. Or you can use those that are made for PowerPoint! Then, select the layouts you want to use and replace the placeholders with your own content! When it comes to comparing PowerPoint vs. Keynote, one of the biggest considerations is ease of use. Once you get your hands on an Apple computer, you can just edit your file on the desktop app. 4 – If you’re collaborating with other people, then you simply need to click the Collaborate button. If not, click on Create Apple ID. According to Apple themselves, they’ve redesigned Keynote to work better with Microsoft Office products. When all is said and done, they know they’ll have a great-looking presentation. For this example, I downloaded one of our free templates, the Competitor PowerPoint Template pack. There is a learning curve if you are coming from other software. This is so you can run Windows apps natively on your Mac. To get started with Keynote, launch the app from the Launchpad or look for it in the Dock. In case you’re wondering, the comments won’t appear in your actual presentation. You’ve got a free and very capable presentation software on your hands. Thankfully, not. If you intend to download fancy fonts and use different devices to edit your Keynote slides, then you may be in for a shock. 4 – 10 Best PowerPoint alternatives: Prezentit. PowerPoint is also preferred for users that are bringing complex data or charts into slides, because it integrates with Excel, making this functionality a lot easier. Will all your hard work go to waste? If you are a Mac user and want to create presentations that don’t “look like PowerPoints,” then Keynote is for you. Adding multimedia is flaky and doesn’t always work if you present on a device other than where you built the slideshow. You can use Mail, WebDAV service or iTunes File Sharing to import Microsoft PowerPoint files and edit them in Keynote. There is no doubt that Keynote has the upper hand in its default templates. At a quick glance, however, you can see that the Keynote Live  and Document icons are missing on the toolbar. Once you have your brand and style established, you’ll have a set of firm guidelines and graphic elements to implement and adapt in tools like PowerPoint and Keynote. Mac users propose a solution to all your presentation problems in the form of Apple’s very own Keynote – a similar program which boasts better effects and … The tools are easy and intuitive. Truthfully, the answer is you don’t have to. Keynote can really shine for certain workflows. It’s highly compatible since slides will work on any type of computer and most people have some familiarity with using the software. Design Ideas are only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. When it comes to making the choice of Keynote vs. PowerPoint for presentation software, understanding where each tool works best is key. Preszentit is another PowerPoint … Even the most novice of Keynote users can make something stunning in just a few minutes. Ah yes, PowerPoint users need this reassurance. With 30 Apple-designed themes, you can give a beautiful look to your visual story. Build your online business like a pro Join 150,000 other online entrepreneurs and get the latest tips to grow your business and create online courses that sell For enhanced customization, it also offers a pretty good collection of slide layouts, fonts and style options. If you’re very particular about the size of your fonts, then add the Bigger and Smaller buttons to your toolbar. Because you’re not limited to using just one device to edit your slides. Keynote is best, in general for Apple/iOS users and PowerPoint is best for desktop and Windows users. On desktop versions of PowerPoint, only subscribers get design ideas. All you need to do is just edit and replace the placeholder content with your own, and you’re good to go! You’ll see this at the very top of your screen: If you think the default Toolbar lacks some important feature, and you don’t want to go looking for it in the Menu bar every time you want to use it, then you may want to customize the toolbar. If you created or received a presentation made in Keynote, steps to open, view and edit this file on Windows using Powerpoint. It can be any color that will fit in well with your theme. You can see 3 options or buttons here: Format, Animate and Document. So, hurray for PowerPoint and Keynote fans! On PowerPoint for the web, Design Ideas are available to everyone. Keynote vs PowerPoint: Which Presentation App to Choose? Once you’re logged in, you can copy and paste the link to your slideshow and send it to your audience. You’ll see this prompt on your screen: Once you’re logged in to iCloud, you’ll see this menu on your screen: Click on Keynote and you’ll be able to see all the Keynote files you’ve made on other iCloud-linked devices. Whether you are creating a template for your boss or prepping slides for a talk, using the right software can make the job a lot easier. PowerPoint is a powerful piece of presentation software and many people don’t even use it to the full potential. You can specify who can access your Keynote and their permission level. Well, it’s 2019 now. There are even retro fonts and scary-looking fonts (perfect for Halloween-themed presentations). A number of features from the desktop app are missing. Apple has designed a huge library of backgrounds and layouts that are polished and slick. Keynote, part of Apple's iWork suite, is a presentation tool of the pros. I saw a couple of slides which needed a bit of editing. In addition to the Toolbar, you can also access more settings and features in the Menu bar. There’s also no option to edit the Master Slides. You don’t want your audience to just read your slides. https://24slides.com/presentbetter/first-keynote-presentation Apple users, rejoice! The backgrounds included in the templates immediately mark out a Keynote slide … See more ideas about Keynote template, Keynote, Templates. Keynote was designed by Apple for Apple. But that’s why Keynote users love it – they don’t need to overthink their slide designs. However, PowerPoint (and Microsoft Office) isn’t free. If you can see the Design Ideas button in PowerPoint but it's grayed out, it means:. Places like Unsplash, StockSnap and ISO Republic all offer high-quality images for free. So, stay tuned as I introduce you to this popular alternative to PowerPoint. The difference between keynote and powerpoint: See which is the best. If you want to install PowerPoint on your Mac, then you’d need to buy a Microsoft Office license or a subscription to Office 365. Top 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: Keynote is the best option for Mac users who want a powerpoint look a like. Here’s a screenshot of slides 5-10: As you can see, the slides look really good. Design killer slides and presentations for your online course with these three free editable PowerPoint and Keynote templates. For this example, I used the Artisan theme in the screenshot above. As you can see, it’s easy to follow what the slide above is trying to say. Whereas Keynote works well on mobile devices, many functions of PowerPoint are more limited when creating presentations away from your desktop. For maximum control, however, Keynote desktop is the way to go. If you find yourself wanting to go back to the original toolbar menu, then go back into the Customize Toolbar menu again. You’ll notice there are more ticks in the Supported and Partially Supported columns than the Not Supported  one. And you had all sorts of problems trying to sort out compatibility issues. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presentation templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more. Keynote’s biggest benefit over PowerPoint is a much more robust approach to stylesheets, like you would expect from the likes of InDesign, Quark Express and even Word. This means inserting videos and audio files are not going to be possible on iCloud Keynote. So user-friendly that someone who hasn’t built slides before can use it. The slide navigator includes options for designing slides with different layouts, animations, fonts and you can eve… You’ll then see the theme chooser (see screenshot below). Does not support some 3D effects and shadows from PowerPoint; so beware if you bring slides over. Here’s what it looks like: 5 – The fifth section is where you go to edit the properties of all the elements and slides in your presentation. This Keynote series covers tips for using the app, giving stand-out presentations, as well as beautiful Keynote templates and themes. PowerPoint makes it too easy to create a bad design with garish animations and effects that deploy with just a click. Basic setup helps you align and position elements for a sleek overall design. PowerPoint gets a lot of hate because of all the slides that have accompanied boring lectures and business pitches. That’s how powerful images are. PowerPoint is probably the most well-known presentation software. Most PPT templates when opened in Keynote will probably have a few issues. Most people have used PowerPoint of another Microsoft product and understand basic usage. There are a lot of features that most users don’t use; they can get in the way. The theme chooser will then appear on your screen. Apart from this, here are 3 restrictions imposed by design themes on your freedom of expression on your slides. The Design Ideas feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 examines the content of a selected slide and offers you a variety of design choices based on what it finds. Think of your slides as mere visual aids. This means if you have an iPhone or iPad, and you’re logged in using the same Apple ID, then all the files uploaded to iCloud will automatically appear in your Apple devices. Time-consuming: If you’ve used PowerPoint before and have now switched to Keynote, the learning process can be time-consuming and, at times, frustrating. All without you needing to say a single word about it. So by the time they see your first slide, they are already bored! As the old cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A simple, intuitive interface puts important tools front and centre, so everyone on your team can easily add beautiful charts, edit photos and incorporate cinematic effects. You can then save the file as a Keynote presentation or export it to another format. For example, if you find yourself frequently using the Group and Ungroup options, then you may want to drag it into your toolbar so you can group/ungroup elements with just a single click. So, you can create your Keynote on your MacBook or iMac, and then continue editing on your iPad or iPhone. Note: If you don’t see the theme chooser above, press the Option key on your keyboard and click File > New to open a new Keynote file. iCloud Keynote is great for editing presentations while you’re on the go. (This might actually be a pro or con, depending on your experience with the software.). It’s also the go-to option in a non-Mac environment. Different fonts convey different emotions. As you can see on the screenshot above, there’s an option to drag the default set into the toolbar. Keynote presentations then are saved as Powerpoint (.ppt or pptx) files. If you do this, then there’s really no incentive for them to listen anymore, is there? They’re there to make your presentation more interesting. In contrast to PowerPoint, Keynote has gorgeous basic themes and templates. Yes, simply by opening the PowerPoint file within Keynote and choosing “save as”. Because PowerPoint is so complicated, it can be problematic for some users. The fonts in iCloud Keynote are predefined, so whatever font you install on your Mac isn’t going to appear in iCloud Keynote. The good news is there are millions of free images on the web. A new tab will automatically open on your browser. Cons. PC users might really struggle with Keynote upon first introduction. You simply don’t have the option to change it to another theme. They’re supposed to help your audience understand your main points. There are fonts that look professional. Plus, it’s free, so you don’t need to spend extra cash just to use the app! You’ve got the View and Zoom icons, the Play slideshow button, the 6 element types you can add to your slides (table, chart, text, shape, media, comment), the collaborate icon, and the format and animate button. This Keynote template includes slides for a statistic, comparison or research. Yes, PowerPoint templates do work on Keynote! Sure, there’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s nowhere near the time you need to spend to master PowerPoint. Well, of course not! You don’t need to be a designer to use Keynote. You’ve got two ways: Just a word of caution though. There are a few animations, transitions, and other minor features that you might prefer in either PowerPoint or Keynote, but for the most part; Keynote is pretty much exactly the same as PowerPoint. It’s one of the reasons why many people swear by Apple products. You can work on your slides on your MacBook, iMac, iPad, and even your iPhone! To use PPT templates for Keynote, all you have to do is fire up Keynote, click on Open, then look for the PowerPoint file. While this software was originally designed for PC as part of the Microsoft Office Suite (now called 365), it works on PC or Apple devices. Keynote allows users to create presentations that look sleek without a lot of design capability. I’ve got a few good reasons why Keynote is an awesome presentation software for Mac users. Now that your Mac is logged in to iCloud, all your photos, contacts and documents (including Keynote files) will be stored in iCloud. Smart design suggestions can help you create more visually appealing slides if you aren’t working from a rigid template. You can add a table, chart, text, shape, media (images, videos, audio) and comment. A simple, intuitive interface puts important tools front and center, so everyone on your team can easily add beautiful charts, edit photos, and incorporate cinematic effects. The themes are diverse in purpose as well. In some ways, Apple’s Keynote is PowerPoint 2.0. The question of which is best depends on which platform you are on in most cases. Should you always stick with one, or use different apps for different presentations? So, one of the first things you need to do once you figure out what you’re going to say in your presentation is to look for an image that will perfectly capture your main points. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you make the right choice. No matter what presentation software you use, it’s best to keep text to a minimum. For the PowerPoint (and Windows) faithful who’ve made the switch to Apple computers, you’re probably asking this very question right now: “Why use Keynote when PowerPoint is available on Macs?”. Note you’ll need to be connected to iCloud for this feature to work. So, here are some tips you can use to impress your audience and make sure your message is heard loud and clear. Plenty of high-design theme options to choose from. You basically create one slide, duplicate it and then add the Magic Move transition and then Keynote does all the object moving, scaling, rotating and opacity animation for you. 2 Million+ Keynote Templates, PowerPoint Templates + More. Choose whether you want to use a standard (4:3) or wide (16:9) theme. If you want the ability to edit your Keynote presentation on other devices, then log in to iCloud on your Mac. You can also lock your presentation with a password if you’re concerned about security. The Mac version lacks many of the newer features you’ll find on Windows. Design themes in PowerPoint are so overused by presenters that they have become cliched. Most of the functionality in Keynote vs. PowerPoint is similar, it’s in some of the slide creation details that the software really differs. Additionally, you cannot mix and match any of these shapes on a slide for Designer to work. Fortunately, there is a super quick and… The default view, Navigator, is ideal for building most presentations, but the Outline view lets you sketch out ideas and sequence your presentation as lists and bullets without any design distractions. When it comes to making the choice of Keynote vs. PowerPoint for presentation software, understanding where each tool works best is key. If you’ve been using PowerPoint for a long time and are already comfortable with it, chances are that a switch might not be for you. Windows users have always been able to utilize Powerpoint since it was designed with them in mind. Keynote allows users to create presentations that look sleek without a lot of design capability. Go into System Preferences and click on iCloud. cropping – is actually easy in Keynote. A busy-looking slide will only distract your audience. The interface is relatively cleaner and simpler than PowerPoint. For PC users or anyone working with charts and numbers, PowerPoint is the go-to option for creating presentations. Well, if you haven’t noticed, Keynote’s built-in themes already look great. The design is formal but at the same time is eye-catching. Editing is easy and the interface and slides work using drag and drop. Compared to PowerPoint, Keynote boasts more elegant, sleek templates and design features powered by Adobe programs. Keynote sets the stage for an impressive presentation. Contrary to popular belief, white space doesn’t actually need to be white. If you want to save your Keynote presentations as a YouTube video or Quicktime slideshow, there will be no hassle involved in the effort. Just like in the desktop version of Keynote, you’ll see the Theme Chooser menu on your screen: Click on the theme you want to use. 5 Keynote Presentation Design Ideas (Quick Tips) Here are three sure-fire Keynote design tips, so you can make the most out of your professional Keynote theme, tell a compelling visual story, and rock your business presentation: 1. With beautiful layout tools and typography, it can give your presentation an edge. Some are a little ‘fun’ for my liking, but Keynote – unlike you might say of PowerPoint – has been designed for home projects as well as business. If you want to create a new file, click on Create Presentation. When it comes down to Keynote vs. PowerPoint, you don’t always get an option as to what type of software will be used. Packed with powerful features—such as the ability to create interactive charts, add reflections and picture frames—Keynote makes it easy to create presentations with cinematic-like transitions between slides. For instance, take a look at the screenshot below. And frankly, it’s just not as good as the Windows version. For example, this beautiful Keynote presentation template popped up in my morning reading yesterday. Apple’s templates are crafted with media in mind, with large placeholders for pictures and great frames to hold them. (This is a huge feature!). But, of course, if you truly want to make your keynote presentation a standout, then it’s best to actually put some time and effort into making one that your audience is going to love. As you’ve learned in this article, Keynote is relatively easy to use. This Formal template gives you the flexibility to customize your presentation. The first 5 elements are largely self-explanatory. Note that you need to create a free account so you can download any of our templates. Audience get used to seeing the same design theme over and over. Here’s a run-down of what each part does: 1 – This is the navigation panel. Other Microsoft elements from Word and Excel integrate seamlessly so you can add documents or spreadsheets to slides. The slide navigator includes options for designing slides with different layouts, animations, fonts and you can even bring in presentations from other software. This means you’re not going to find Keynote on Windows or Linux or any other operating system. Made for different types of multimedia such as images, sounds, video and other file types. Surprised? But what about if you need to need to make last-minute changes to your presentation and you don’t have an Apple device nearby? You’re probably wondering if that’s all that Keynote can do.