You can stick a large plaque on a desalination plant, saying who the donor countries were, but for some reason, donor countries are not quite so interested in putting a very small plaque on a rain-water tank, saying who the donor was. COSMIC RAYS AND CLOUDS–NEW RESULTS: The connection between cosmic rays and clouds has long been controversial. The GISP2 chart is irrelevant to the Arctic as well. 1: “….. an inspection of Vernaker’s Tables suggested that the crucial zone for summer sunshine was not the Arctic Circle, as has often been supposed, but at 50 degrees N. “The theory of ice sheets growing from the bottom up and the discovery of the English Channel Glacier, fed from the sea bed south of Ireland, make this choice of latitude glaciologically plausible …..”. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede. Maybe you can connect the dots for me – this volcano of yours. That’s reasonably accurate. Chemistry and to a lesser extent biology have some minor claim to science, but geology is just some weak-intellect narrative. By early September each year about two thirds of the ice cap has melted, then the sea begins to freeze again. Scientists believe based on geological evidence that from the destruction of the Dinosaurs 65 Million ybp up until about 3.8 million years ago the Arctic Ocean was an ice free body of water even in the depths of winter. At least the Dutch do. This could make cosmic rays an important player in weather and climate. Since the Greenland Ice sheet provides the only contiguous record of temperatures for the period circa 17,000 BP to the present day, it is taken, by concensus agreement, to stand as a proxy for “global temperatures”, for comparative purposes. Very little. “I suspect the main climate refugees from the Arctic would have names like Donner and Blitzen. Jo, you are a bit too old to believe this myth of Father Christmas living at the North Pole. And he also has a advanced tactical camouflage and fantastic infiltration skills since he enters and egresses from those billions of homes unseen. “Yes but what if CO2 doesn’t cause warming?”. Contrast between generations of farmers and the wine-quaffing chatterati in the cities is at an all-time high., nice impression of the upward cycle of the AMO, Craig, How about we look at Iceland, 8 stations… over a longer period, A 2011 study suggested that it could be … Quote No. It expresses the effect much better than you have tried to twist it as: This is the Antarctic with strong winds circling the South Pole, they seem to be permanent and if breached the whole southern hemisphere may freeze No one talks about it and Lake Baikal or the Great Lakes because they all melt in summer. For such an enormous volume of water it must have been deposited as ice on the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps. Because the Earth’s axis was tilted away from the vertical more than today (known as obliquity), and because we were then closer to the Sun in July than in January (known as precession), the amount of the Sun’s energy hitting the far north in summer was much greater than today. At some time or times in the distant past, the ice was completely gone. The fact that this shoddy work keeps reappearing on blogs should be a mark of shame for the climate skeptic community. Think of all that extra land to grow food for the world. Polar bears are incalcitrant and refuse to leave their habitat, because they know in their DNA its only going to get better from here on. I read the DTU press release as well. But the warm water coming from the south is melting the ice from underneath. The total solar irradiance has a relative decrease in connection with FDs of the order of 10^−3, which is too small to have a thermodynamic impact on timescales of a few days”. Like all the dire tipping points that cannot be reversed, as long as that big fireball in the sky exists we will experience cycles of great magnitudes…..well if we manage to continue our ‘blink of an eye’ existence that is. let me help you out semantically., 31 Aug: Bolt Blog: Another Flannery fail: geothermal project scrapped Historically ice at the North pole has expanded and contracted, what darn significance this was at signaling imminent climate trends appears dubious at best. : munawar1235 67 • 5 hours ago. I hope young Jacob doesn’t go through the mincer as his father did. In summary, it’s not the “ice ages” which created man and modern animals but that which created the Ice Age those glaciations are part of. And some wouldn’t want that now, would they? Take two glasses A and B. Cyberwarfare: Two 3-Star Generals call it “treason” and explain The Kraken is a Military Intelligence Unit, Huge? The seas being warmer, the climate was generally wet so the Sahara had rivers and forests, hippos and people. One Degree of Latitude = 60 minutes of Latitude. Via; The Daily Caller internet news sheet; Earth Is GAINING Land Despite Warming-Fueled Sea Level Rise, Study finds. 1. It would also underscore the importance of measuring cosmic rays in the atmosphere. In the past century alone, the temperature has climbed 0.7 degrees Celsius, roughly ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming.”. Ya mean, something like “The real housewives of someplace” syndrome? And Svalbard is bathed in the last remnants of the warm water Gulf Stream as it makes its way up the American east coast and across the North Atlantic to dissipate in the North Sea area. Even with CO2 levels much lower, nature itself was perfectly capable of warming the Arctic and melting the ice way back. Of course it has no effect. Perhaps the really threatened species are the climate alarmists themselves. Or you could continue to avoid any real science, as usual. Post with kindness. At the time it was written, the Global sea ice was actually above the 1979-2008 mean and had been on and off for a couple of years.. Where the rest of the statement came from is anybody’s guess. It is a graph made using greenland ice cores, but somebody is calling it “global temperatures”. Sea ice typically continues to melt in the Arctic Ocean through the summer, hitting its lowest point in September, before it begins to refreeze. Remember the context: I just posted a link to a graph that shows a steady trend over 13 years of mass loss in Greenland. From the Space station the Earth has lost its blue so they may be right but as with all weather only time will tell. Of course, scientific orthodoxies change over time, but this one seems to have been fairly constant. Crucial Zone. I am miserable. However, a recent study has revealed that Arctic sea ice could disappear into the ocean in the coming 15 years. I’ve known about the ice-free Arctic and Antarctic since I was a nipper (I am now a wrinkly). It is largely irrelevant. Its a short, meaningless part of the NATURAL ice cycle, directly related to the upward leg of the AMO.,,,,,, furtherest north human settlements and towns,,,,, Earth’s surface water change over the past 30 years,, A discussion of the Slaying the Sky Dragon science: Is the Greenhouse Effect a Sky Dragon Myth? Quite amazing how accurate those early forays into sensitivity were, hey? Or have you had a peek at Atlantis? By understanding what happened during Earth’s last warm period we are in a better position to understand what will happen in the future,” said Dr Louise Sime, the group head of the Paleoclimate group and joint lead author at BAS. This radioactive form of beryllium is produced when cosmic rays from space collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the atmosphere. People don’t know how to get back to the larger land masses they came from. Forbush Decreases occur when solar storms called “coronal mass ejections (CMEs)” sweep past Earth. * h/t to Craig Thomas for pointing out and that the word “global” in Graph 2, was better off not being there. How many ships will be loaded and lined up to go? Actually, it was ice ages that helped modern man evolve by presenting challenges that required advanced problem-solving and long-term forward-planning. And has no thermodynamic impact”. Since 1962 Baikal has fallen below the 456-meter mark eleven times. “Indications are that we can look forward to a cooling trend for at least a couple of decades, then temperatures will rise again.”. Guarino explains that the rising global temperature rates mean that sea ice is melting at unprecedented rates. Sinyukovich, and V.V. Gradual, periodic changes in the shape of the Earth’s orbit around the sun are thought to trigger these larger-scale changes. Over the past few decades, sea ice across the Arctic Ocean has gotten smaller and thinner. Who says so and how do they know this? It shows the Holocene Thermal Optimum above that line. “Navy personnel could not support the assumptions and calculations made in their assessments because Navy guidance does not include specific steps for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy projects and does not require that supporting documentation be maintained,” the Pentagon inspector general wrote. Was that a 100% plus voter turn-out in some Michigan precincts? Therefore I think that Wallington predicted that cosmic rays would increase the formation of cirrus clouds. To report "lost" comments or defamatory and offensive remarks, email the moderators at: support AT I think Greenland is near the Arctic if Im not mistaken..(SARC) Of course the Vikings called it ‘Greenland’ not ‘Whiteland’. Add brine that is maintained at 1°C warmer than the ice. I’m sure you intended a narrative in this, but I can’t make head nor tail of it. Or stupid sea level fall. The odd thing is the focus on “capture of rainwater.” Of all ice on its sea, By Tom Fedorowytsch Oh, so that was how McKinsey, and Booze Allen, and KPMG got started? A new study just published in the Aug. 19th issue of Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics comes down in favor of cosmic rays. However like so much in modern science some believe a majority consensus is what is needed on the subject. Have not read it. By making seawater less salty and therefore less dense, this can suppress the conveyor-belt circulation that normally carries warm water from the tropics to the poles. Dishwashing duties anyone? “No one” is an absolute, rather like “never” The planet has been cooling for the last 50Million Years There are two very interesting graphs on the Wikipedia page linked to. A team of scientists from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked sudden decreases in cosmic rays (called “Forbush Decreases”) to changes in Earth’s cloud cover. This year's melt is second only to 2012, when the ice shrank to 3.4 million square kilometres, according to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), which has been keeping satellite records since 1979. All that is needed is one name or reference and it is wrong, so here we go these gals and guys in this paper Many if not most climate cycles surpass the life spans of humans, and certainly the collective memory spans of humans. var _wau = _wau || []; Compared to the 1980s, today's end-of-summer Arctic sea ice extent is about half. If you have issues with the graph, I suggest you take it up with them. Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat. By 2008 the British Antarctic Survey knew of a huge subglacial ash sheet and still-active volcanism near Pine Island Glacier. Yes, I thought you would come up some way of avoiding my request for references. Geology 29, 1107 – 1110 (2001). . Or we could look at the Icelandic sea ice index. (function() {var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; The magnetic field around the Earth protects the planet from cosmic rays. h/t to Michael for spotting that the arrows on graph 2 for the MWP and LIA were incorrect. Geology is the study of the climates of the past as written in the rocks of this earth. NO Harry, the GISP chart is a very good proxy of the Arctic. By contrast, the total effect of man-made global warming will reach 3.5 watts per square metre (but globally) only by the end of this century. Unfortunately, this year’s late freeze implies that the ice might melt before reaching the passage. It is more than obvious that there is more likely a ‘climate sensitivity variable’. Quote No. In the Arctic, the warm summer months melt away ice and the winter snowfall freezes it back. Recent balloon flights by and Earth to Sky Calculus show that cosmic rays are intensifying. 2. So Craig finally recognises the Sun as the bringer of all energy to this glorious, prosperous, CARBON BASED planet of ours. 20% of them live below sea level. Manners, please! Researchers claim that Earth is going through another interglacial, Play Cricket Quiz & Earn Upto 50,000 Coins Daily. I haven’t read her books for some time, but I remember that it discussed the retreating ice over North America, the disappearance of the Arctic ice and the effects it had on the lives of the people and animals. Take advantage of the fact that NeverIsNeverNever. I think there’s a word for when you base your narrative on a selected 10% of the available information…..what is it again? And as the AMO starts to dip down, the Arctic sea ice will start to climb. So once again the skeptical position was correct: Arctic sea ice is highly dynamic and its presence or absence has not only happened before, it is trivial in its impact on the global climate, as well as the Arctic region. : When ice sheets melt at the end of an ice age, the oceans get an injection of fresh water. You cherry-picked a flat bit. The Pentagon’s inspector general recently audited three of the Navy’s large-scale renewable energy projects at installations supervised by the U.S. Pacific Command, finding that federal employees tasked with carrying out cost-effectiveness assessments of these projects did not have the documentation to back up their calculations or conclusions… “It will without doubt have come to your Lordship’s knowledge that a considerable change of climate, inexplicable at present to us, must have taken place in the Circumpolar Regions, by which the severity of the cold that has for centuries past enclosed the seas in the high northern latitudes in an impenetrable barrier of ice has been during the last two years, greatly abated…this affords ample proof that new sources of warmth have been opened and give us leave to hope that the Arctic Seas may at this time be more accessible than they have been for centuries past, and that discoveries may now be made in them not only interesting to the advancement of science but also to the future intercourse of mankind and the commerce of distant nations.” Shimaraev, M.N., L.N. Considering it doesn’t make conclusions about “Arctic Sea ice” in general, but restricts itself to a very particular location, and also considering its chief observation is that warming/release of ice from the Arctic causes interruption to the thermohaline circulation, thus causing cooling across a large swathe of the NH, it is puzzling how you come to your conclusion, much less how you could have gotten there “clearly”. It is utter nonsense. Poor Craig didn’t even look at the link did you, Although some laboratory experiments support the idea that cosmic rays help seed clouds, skeptics say the effect is too small to substantially affect the cloudiness of our planet or to avert the course of climate change., “Humans without protective solar panels somehow spread far and wide, and generally flourished.”. Taylor is obviously a global cooling alarmist, good catch GA. “TYPICALLY RARE” says BoM. Craig – how does this explain all the reports of Lake Baikal drying up? Antarctica? There is, or used to be, a museum in South Kensington, London, in between the Science Museum and the Museum of Natural History, called the Geological Museum. In fact the whole pacific region is succeptable to high winds, and high seas. I just wanted it on record that the North East Passage has not been a positive experience. The theoretical constructs of a pseudo-science presented as gospel, indeed much as phrenology once was. Anyway, well done, Jacob, and hats off to Henrik who has produced and nurtured another inquisitive and competent scientist. . With models (yeah, yeah) they say the Holocene warm period is all explained with extra sunlight coming in due to the orbital shift at the time (I don’t think that is controversial). Noticing the above reference to Bjork, G. David Evans will no doubt be interested in the following article from Bjorck, S. et al, as it may pertain to the origins of the ‘X Factor’. We would know if the Antarctic ice was melting as claimed by NASA, we would see real sealevel rise and we don’t. Except now. We’re done! They starve, or in some cases, drown. The Ice Age and the previous 50MY of cooling which preceded it had to be caused by something.Shaviv of Jerusalem University’s Racah Institute can account for that. Deprived of this source of heat, the high latitudes grow cold. Over and over and over! erupted 2,300 years ago Now that they have reached Alaska he has cheered up- 27 Aug; WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It has been done before. One Degree of Latitude = 60 nautical miles. And even with high modern CO2 levels, the Arctic has become colder and icier than in the past. Think how humans get to islands during glacials. The correct name of the peoples of those northern regions today is “Inuits” , “Inuk” singular, by which they call themselves. The Pacific has always had cyclones, and call them what you will, they have always done some damage. Stay tuned for updates. These human settlements rely heavily on fossil fuels to exist in these northern locations and are arguably the furtherest North that sustained human settlement can exist today. If you want to check out that narrow strip of coast where the Persians and Spartans had it out you’ll find that it’s now a broad strip with a busy road along it. Air temperatures are rising twice as fast in the Arctic than the global average. It is well known that the whole Arctic region was much warmer during that period than it is now. So when there is an extreme weather event, the deaths, injuries, and material damage, tend to be disproportionally high. From there, when I complete 10, I compare the time taken with the estimate and interpolate whether I might finish ahead of schedule. Jo does not give a reference. A magical place surrounded by huge mountains ranges over 1000km where the surface plummets straight into the depths. Climate change (global warming) issues are in the future — and likely always will be. Doklady Earth Sciences 383A:288–291. If the water inflow is so dramatically -increased- by AGW and an early melt, how can the lake itself be drying up as a result of AGW? If they press on quickly they might make it since the minimum summer ice occurs in mid September (2 weeks). I get it now. Ice ages, like warm periods just ensure that we adapted to overcame the stresses of the time. . Go down to “Sea Ice” [ LH menu ] and you can scroll through a whole treasure of Arctic Ice extents and the fluctuations and changes in the Polar Sea Ice over the last few decades. However, due to global warming, more and more ice is melting each summer. I’ve fixed that. South Australia’s Conservation Council is keen to see more public investment in geothermal energy and other renewable energy sources… Sudden shifts are thought to be mostly due to ocean circulation. Wow, 2007,, you are out of date aren’t you and of course the peak in 1979. |  h/t Don Easterbrook. BUT, they are both over 3 to 4 degrees, some 400 kms further south, some 1,200 kms plus from the Pole than the Wandel Dal site. Rigel is a blue giant in Orion, is 770M light years away and was formed about 8MYA. Well much as it was ridiculed, it seems the Polar Ocean expedition managed to sail the NorthWest passage. “Global Warming? and here is a helpful excerpt on how to present an annoying argument. This issue is so important for the survival of life on the planet that research, analysis and experiments are underway in many … Just goes to prove that green-oriented academic scientists and their cheer squads have a woeful predictive record. One Minute of Latitude = 60 seconds of latitude. The radiation from any one of these or from all of them may have caused or contributed to the series of mutations leading to Homo Sapiens Sapiens of which you are an example. Add brine the same temperature as the ice but put this glass in an atmosphere that is 1°C warmer that of glass A. So I looked up the furtherest north human settlements and towns existent today. The President was Joseph Banks. I suspect the main climate refugees from the Arctic would have names like Donner and Blitzen. They aren;t all that far away, They are residents of Gould’s Belt and we’re sitting ducks, It’s open season on sitting ducks in this Galaxy. As I have seen stated elsewhere;[ very roughly! ] _wau.push(["colored", "0wrnwcie92iv", "3wq", "ffc20e000000"]); “Yeah right! The key thrust of this presentation, is access to clean fresh water. Is the 3.5 watts per square meter you speak of based upon the Al Gore and current consensus science or based upon a possible increased insulation effect of increased CO2 based upon, or derived from New Science? During the Bolling-Allerod period saw a huge jump in CO2 and they think it may have been liberated from the ocean. Normally, ice forms along the northern Siberian coastline in early winter and is then blown out across the Laptev and beyond by strong winds. The short killer summary: