Revolutionary in design . It is required that structures are designed to preserve their characteristics during the service life, avoiding premature failure and the need of extraordinary maintenance and restoration works. Splinting teeth that are structurally compromised (lack of adequate tooth structure, short preps) is similar to double abutting multiple unit FPD restorations for added structural stability. Retention and resistance Structural durability Marginal integrity Preservation of the periodontium Preservation of Tooth Structure. 2. Parallel walls C. Grooves D. Proximal slice # Structural durability is a: A. Design philosophy. In order to maintain a reasonable cost for large scale structures such as airframes, offshore structures, nuclear plants etc., it is generally accepted that improved methods for structural integrity and durability assessment are required. Indications of FPD The following statement to be considered before planning any treatment for a patient. Structural Healt structural durability in fpd, structural durability testing, structural durability & health monitoring. Tooth decay, gingival inflammation and periodontal disease are quoted as the most common biological com-plications of fixed prosthodontic appliances1–6. The durability design of reinforced concrete structures has been recently introduced in national and international regulations. responsible for the structural durability, while the pa-tient himself can have a great influence on the biological performance. Versilon FPD hose is a platinum-cured silicone hose reinforced with a four-ply polyester braid for excellent durability and flexibility in demanding applications where higher pressures are a consideration. Structural Durability 4. … Preservation of Periodontium - 3 MM OF BIOLOGIC WIDTH (from the prep margin to the crest of alveolar bone) This construction features a slight vacuum rating without a stainless steel wire reinforcement. Preparations should be modified accordingly to produce greater resistance and structural durability e.g. Among this, tooth decay is the most frequent reason of failure7,8. EATON CORPORATION. Structural Durability Functional cusp bevel: Bevel should be given on maxillary lingual cusp and mandibular buccal cusp at an angle of 450 to provide space for adequate bulk of metal in an area of heavy occlusal contact. Other factors that affect the structural durability of a Fpd (indirectly) The pontic design: 1.Smooth surface, well finished, & convex in all directions. The dislodging forces on an FPD retainer tend to act in a mesio-distal direction as opposed to the common bucco-lingual direction of forces on single restorations. Cement B. Mechanical phenomenon C. Sructural phenomenon D. None of the above # Which of the following may least be used as an abutment? and construction, the Profile console is an ultra-durable steel frame system consisting of a structural foundation and stackable, modular walls. Technical environment solutions Materials used for fixed partial denture (FPD) frameworks have had properties of excellent strength, durability, and biocompatibility. Biological phenomenon B. The length of human life (longevity) is influenced by genetics, the environment, and way of life. 4. Marginal Integrity 5. Some of the materials which have been used till date include alloys, ceramics, and high-performance polymers such as zirconia, Ni-Cr, lithium disilicate, and so on. # In FPD, retention is provided by: A. Structural upright p. Stationary worksurface.