Have fun…, Something I must have done wrong because my hair didnt seem to get the color, even thou i believe i followed the instructions well, but after removing the dye my black hair looks darker (more black) and some areas where my hairs was red looks soft light brown. There were no strange red or green undertones, if any I’d say a purple base. I had overprocessed, overcolored red/orange hair. I love your henna! Henna protects the hair shaft so it always looks natural and translucent, especially in the sun. Highly recommended. If the ppd is taken out, there is something else that has to replace it!! I was embarrassed of it, wearing buns or hats, i never felt put together and always looked disheveled. The day I dye it and the next day, my hair is a weird semi-matte blackish color, but the after it oxidizes, usually by the second day, it is BEAUTIFUL. I have naturally light ash brown hair and it seemed to only tint my hair a tad bit darker but not a significant difference after waiting the 2 hours of recommend time. Yes. I decided to give it a try as I had no other option as I am about 30% grey. So, I decided to find another way to still have fun with my hair. I studied up on the product and was confident in my order, so confident that I purchased an extra packet for root touch ups for later. I thought I would try dark brown since it’s closer to my natural color. The henna is easy to work with and rinses out well. The very first time I used it it did not cover my greys at all. When I rinsed it out, it looked like I hadn’t applied henna at all. I will definitely buy Henna again! Compare. The color does not stay for me. Thick and curly hair can require 25-50% more. After all, it is natural so I can color all I want. I absolutely LOVE this brand and never intend to switch! I HAVE GOTTEN SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON MY PRETTY HAIR. I think the oil helped the henna go on a little smoother and the coffee helped it darken a little more. $12.50. Take your time. I could have left it but wanted to try the color. Similar to thick pudding or cake batter consistency. The Consistency, Scent, and Rinse-out will be the three key differences. nobody noticed. Had good support from Sally in customer services, but feel rather deflated in that I am getting more gray hair which I am not ready for. I applied it while in the shower in old clothes and it was an easy quick clean up with no staining. Getting the perfect dark brown is tricky, and using only natural ingredients makes it even more challenging. A week later I did a second application. The light brown left all of my roots coming in very red/orange with very little to no brown on my hair. I was just really surprised. The dark brown is such a gorgeous rich color. Fastest shipping ever! Now, I have been dying my hair off and on for years. Sort By: Choose Options. I had previously been using lemon juice, or citric acid powder and both gave me blisters around my hair line if I wasn’t careful. it saved me from being a bag head) to my surprise this wasn’t messy either. Smells so earthy and lovely. If you have damaged hair and want to go darker I do recommend this product as it is gentle nourishing. I laid down newspaper on my sink and used a silicon kitchen marinade brush to apply the henna to my hair. I came across Henna Color Lab and I am NEVER going back. i was a frequent user of regular hair dye, before i developed a deadly allergy to PPD. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. The last 3 x I had a salon do it. The color is rich and pretty….it didn’t cover all of my gray hair quite, but I’m sure after another application or two it most definitely will. And it generally will slightly improve over a few applications, although still subtle. Thank you henna color lab, I will be a returning customer! Create intense natural hair colours with henna powders and herbal colourants for fashionable & thicker hair! Just Jaivik 100% Organic USDA Certified Henna Powder (Lawsonia Inermis) For Hair Certified by OneCert Asia for USDA Organic Standard 227 Gms / 0.5 LB/ 8 Oz, 100% Natural, No chemical or additive. Our Dark Brown is a 2-Step process which contains 50 grams pure henna and 100 grams proprietary blend of herbal dark brown henna. So I’m very happy about that. Ex: Super Thick Curly Hair to Shoulder, Order 2 Packets. My hair loves henna, bouncy and shiny even without curl products! Cover any surfaces that may stain: untreated wood, carpet, fabric, etc. I used two packets of the dark brown but mixed it with coffee instead of water and added a tsp of avocado oil and almond oil. Covered the gray well. This x I tried at home.. A couple of things to start: their gloves aren’t very good. I had really high hopes for this product, and I don’t want to leave a negative review… but it did not work for me. Pour henna powder into bowl. two-step process of applying the henna. I love this sooo much will buy again!! Using gloved hand, scoop and apply the paste on back section (if crumbly, add water). I ordered dark brown and auburn in the starter kit which had everything I needed with great instructions to cover gray. • Vacuum-sealed & light-sealed to preserve potency, purity, and freshness. The consistency is creamy I dont even have to add conditioner to the mix like other brands. I love this color, it shows up quickly, and by the next day its almost at its full color I will never stop using this product! The smell was great because my kids said my hair smelled like almond coffee, LOL. i was scared! The Minty Mix shampoo and conditioner I picked are amazing too and I want full sized bottles! Amla also adds moisture and softness to your hair (bonus!). (my favorite hair color). I loved dying my hair with this product! I had sworn i would never dye my hair again but i have a few gray hairs now (late 20s) and i thought i would try henna. It looks like I paid a professional to dye my hair with multiple colors and had a treatment done; it looks awesome. This was my 4th application. This was not the case when I tried it! My hair was originally dark/medium brown and this made my hair a little darker and much richer which is just what I wanted. In the past 8 months I took my hair from blonde to brunette to dark red to pastel lavender/silver (you dye your hair a lot in university level theatre…) Needless to say I decided I needed some TLC and knew my poor, patchy-color faded hair couldnt handle any more bleach or harsh chemicals. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Oh last thing, I noticed this mixture stains less around the hairline. I will be doing henna again. Henna is also used for temporary body-art tattoos. I bought Henna Color Lab’s dark brown henna because I wanted to dye my hair a little bit darker and have it still look natural. The application process can be messy. Zenia Pure Natural Henna Powder Hair Dye Color 100 grams (3.5oz), Rainbow Henna Persian Dark Brown Hair Color 4 Oz, (2 pack), Surya Brasil Products Henna Cream, Dark Brown, 2.37 Fluid Ounce, Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 2N Brown Black (Pack of 6), Ammonia Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, up to 100% Gray Coverage, Long Lasting Results, Vatika Henna Natural Brown Hair Color Ammonia Free (60 g / 2.11 oz), Surya Brazil. At times, gray hair can be a little stubborn: the hair shaft, under deeper inspection, is actually clear—void of color, nearly translucent; and gray hair may have a different texture than the rest of your hair. I had bleached blonde hair and was tired of the high costs of salons and the chemicals in box dye, plus you pay for what you get with both. The dark brown covered my highlights with a pretty brown color and my base is a darker brown, it took about 48 hours for the color to fully develop into a deep rich brown! The medium brown covered most of my hair but the grey areas around my face stayed orange. More about Henna Here…. So if you're worried about going to dark on naturally light hair keep that in mind It does have a nice brown color on my hair that is not grey…but I wouldn’t buy it again because it doesn’t cover my greys. Staying with your product. shipping-box Free shipping over $55! I can’t imagine using henna for that much premature for a very long term basis but that is general statement for any Henna mainly because it is little more cumbersome than say semi permanent dye and it does start to wash off sooner. For example, medium brown henna on red hair will produce a different result than the same dye on blonde hair. I used the Dark Brown and my hair turned out a beautiful rich dark brown. Henna-based products will not lighten hair—zero harsh bleaching chemicals. Natural dark brown black hair colour starts with chemical free henna & indigo for both men and women. It’s evenly colored and lovely throughout and feels soft and wonderful! Before ordering I called to get advice and the customer service was very helpful. Thank you henna lab for my beautiful dark color !! Henna Hair Dye Kit Assembly. Leave on for one to two hours. I noticed a week later when I washed my hair that my curl pattern loosened a little bit, which I didn’t mind at all because my hair is so thick and tightly coiled that a little loosenen will help my arms from burning while detangling. I did my roots first for 1.5 hours, second time whole head for 2.5 hours. i might go for the black next time! And the results for covering gray for me were BETTER than chemical dye. I will never go back to chemical color. Methodically apply from back to front section. Maybe it depends on your hair type. very pretty color! My hair feels thicker and it did not further damage my already processed hair. I was ready to take the plunge, knowing i could never go back to my natural color anyways, bleach would have broken it off and growing it out was not something i was ready for, as the dyed and natural colors were so vastly different. • Hand-sifted three times to a uniform texture for best application. The grey sprouts dont get covered as well so I alternate doing the roots with a red based henna ( a base of red is what will cover the greys) Overall I just bought my second bundle of 5 and plan to share one pack with my sister so she can see for herself how good henna lab is! Hopefully the dark brown color won’t fade as much this time (even though it didn’t fade that much last time, I like the really rich, deep color). I added less auburn about 2 teaspoons and it came out perfect. With a saddened heart I cut off the hair I had been trying to grow out and went back to the internet for research. This particular shade is lovely and makes my hair look like it’s been lit from within. We designed the HCL™ Henna-Herbal Spectrum Series™ to match the most popular colors (colors that really express the rich Henna & Herb combo). I chose dark brown because I was scared of the lighter colors having too much red in them and making my hair orange. The only negative comment I have–like many reviewers– is the cheap quality of the plastic gloves. BUT other than that, the color itself is amazing and I plan to use again and again. The only complaint of mine would be that the gloves were thin and tore very easily, I got henna all over my hands and they were pretty stained but it went away after a few days. I have also tried the “organic natural hair dye ” and ended up with a systemic reaction. MY DARK BROWN EITHER CAME OUT TOOO DARK OR SO PHONY LOOKING. I have light brown hair naturally… I mixed the dark brown with black (1/4 black 3/4 dark brown) It looks more like a medium brown. Pros: no itchy scalp and hair loss like the conventional demi-permanent dye I used previously; my hair really IS shinier and silkier, less flyaways and kinks (I was a doubting Thomas when I read the other reviews on this), hair is a more glorious version of my own. My hair does not feel brittle and dry, as a matter of fact they are really smooth and soft. I had shoulder length fried faded marinara red hair. When it came time to rinse it out, I just worked some natural conditioner into my hair and it came out pretty easily. But other then that, no complaints. I highly recommend this color and product. As in, did not fade, did not turn red, etc. Fortunately, saw BD’s review on July 11,2019, followed her recommendations and got great results with gray coverage! But now my hair is much silkier, actually shiny, (something i thought wasn’t possible at the state my hair was in) and actually covered my red fairly evenly! All of the products have made my hair so health and shiny. 1 packet (3.5 oz/100g) will dye hair to shoulder. 1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for Hair, Natural Hair Color - Chemical Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys 4.1 out of 5 stars 5,822 $16.97 my hair started to grow back!!! Thank you for making such an awesome product. After mixing with water, they apply as a pudding-like paste. The henna is sifted so well, it never makes clumps when I mix it up with water. My hair is now soft and has volume and it really shines. If you have gray or white roots, you have to do two applications. No added perfumes. I did the same thing that I did last time (mixing-wise) and it has turned out amazing AGAIN!!!!!! The color is great and I like what it does to my hair, but this particular color does not cover grays very well. But i wanted healthy long hair again, and i was tired of having bright hair that got me a lot of stares. I did the first time at night (left it in hair for 2 hours and washed with water only) then second application was next day morning, again left it for 2 hours and then wash hair with water only but also applied conditioner. i’m pretty disappointed. My hair is very soft and shinny tho. I’m going to stock up soon! I mix this about 50/50 with Ginger Blonde and I LOVE the color! So when you rinse, it will take a little longer than the chemical dyes. $12.50. I need more practice at the application process, but I’m sure I’ll get better over time. I have been using this shade of Henna for about 6 months now, total of 4 applications. I left it on for 4 hours. It was like highlights. This top selling color will give you that rich dark brown color that is so popular but now you can get it naturally! And color will fade from the hair under certain stress, similar to traditional chemical hair dyes. I don’t know why I ever thought going back to chemicals was a good idea. Let me first start off by saying that I am a student living in a dorm. Get the Full Henna Hair Dye Application Page HERE. I have naturally dark brown hair, approx. I had a friend use a color application brush to “paint” the henna on my roots and then went at it, massaging the color into my hair to completely saturate it. Last time I dyed my hair, I used chemical dye, and spent weeks trying to make my hair feel like hair again instead of straw. One packet colors/treats straight, shoulder length hair. amazing product! Amla helps cool down the red and orange tones, and increases the amount of time the henna is on your hair. yay!) I left it for 3 hours though. I have very stubborn gray roots especially in the front and was ready to switch to a different product because it didn’t cover the gray hair after a couple of applications following the instructions provided. I have to say that I LOVE this product. I have Caucasian dark brown hair with some large gray areas. I have never used henna before, so I can’t speak for how Henna Color Lab’s stacks up against other brands, only how it compares to regular dye. This is a superior quality product. Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica): Amla powder, a derivative of the Indian gooseberry, brightens and helps preserve your new color. It has taken some practice to minimize the mess, but I’ve found that using a tint brush helps a lot. I have used this twice to dye my hair now. The color turned out incredibly natural looking, which was fantastic. I bought the starter kit which comes with 3 henna dyes and 2 hair masks and a shampoo and conditioner (I currently have a hair mask on my hair while I’m writing this review!) Henna is Sexy! Avoid leave-in oil-based conditioners for first week. I’m leaving a review on the third day of coloring just to fully see a few results and my hair is so soft and the colors are starting to develop so nicely into a nice smooth shiny chocolate brown. Pour powder into bowl. I do not believe natural means you cannot have an allergy. For best results,use separately – henna first,then indigo to get brown hair.The lighter your starting colour, the more vibrant your resulting stage 1 auburn henna hair colour will be.You’ll get a shade of fiery auburn on lighter colour hair,and deep auburn on darker starting colours. It wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be (and I’m a messy person). I had severely damaged hair for a long time, which was the result of heat, color, and bad reactions to medications. Blow dry hair for 10-15 minutes to accelerate natural color-changing process. I have ordered from this company for a year and wi continue! I really appreciate you guys and thanks for making amazing products!!! I’m so glad I picked hennacolorlab. I have fine hair and this thickens it and makes it look very glossy and healthy and i lose less hair in the weeks right after coloring. NO added chemicals, preservatives or perfumes—just pure natural goodness! IT COLORS IT PERFECTLY AND IS SO NATURAL EVEN MY HAIRDRESSER DIDN’T KNOW I COLORED MY HAIR. My hair looks beautiful!! It isn’t a huge difference from my natural hair color but i would definitely prefer this. A: Since henna naturally contains red color, we use indigo powder with henna powder in our formula to get a darker color. Quick view. If you want a deeper shade of brown, use more henna and less indigo. I’ve received a number of compliments on the color from everyone to coworkers, friends, hair stylists, and even strangers! My hair is dark brown with a few greys, which stayed grey after application. A few grey’s were not all colored. This is our darkest brown and best selling color. Rainbow Research Henna Dark Brown Hair Color and Conditioner (Pack of 2) With Indigofera, 4 oz. Apply to the hair. It’s a ‘better than natural’ dark brown with fine flecks of warm gold. I use henna die from another company but it always made my hair so brittle and dry, it did not cover my greys at all and it alway came out so orange so after searching online I came accross Henna color lab dark brown and decided to order it. The big change is how SOFT my hair is now. I also got the faint green tint one of the other reviewers mentioned. Henna Hair Conditioner - Neutral (Colorless) Assembly. I read that coverage with henna could be a problem, as my roots were such a different shade. Sure you can still see some copper but not nearly as much as when I started. I also really like the addition of neem. For super thick curly hair, order an extra packet. a month apart as I notice that the color starts to change and I need to refresh. This is a rich & gorgeous color and made my hair so shiny and healthy looking. don’t know what i would do without it! but overall i am so thrilled and cannot thank HCL enough! The grey shows up gradually and doesn’t stand out like it used to. Even with YEARs of chemical dye in my hair, it turned out perfect. Thank you for a great product and service!! I decided it would be too harsh against my pale skin and then opted for the medium brown and have left a review on that as well. Most people get complete coverage in their initial application. No more shiny silvery white gray hair. My hair would always end up breaking or be extremely rough after using box dyes or salon dyes but with the henna there is absolutely no damage and my hair actually feels so soft and looks really shiny! So I tried this color next and ooooooh. For an even brown, try equal parts of henna … Since Henna does not contain color developers that are required to change the color of your darker hair, your chances of coloring your black, dark brown hair to lighter colors i.e light brown, blonde, red, deep red are pretty slim. my hair became more and more fine. Here’s what worked for me and I have quite a bit of stubborn grays: mix equal parts of dark brown and pure indigo into a thick pudding like paste that is not runny and apply to clean hair using the applicator brush. I then used a dark brown. It took a few days to be noticeable, but now I can’t stop touching it. A good secret to keep color is a non-sulfate, all natural shampoo (one with natural surfactants like coconut oil or olive oil)—cleans away the funk, but leaves the natural pH balance, preserving natural protective sheen oil content and vital nutrients. Application was a little more complicated, but the smell at least was much more pleasant than the ammonia smell of chemical dyes (it reminded me a lot of cooked spinach). This was easy to use. The best part is that I don’t end up with the harsh line of dyed/not dyed hair. Dark Brown is the second color I tried. Second time I left it in longer and it covered up some of the grey. The gloves fell apart on my friend and now her hands are green!!!) Keep in mind my grey had a previous application of the henna and cassia, but still, I’m really impressed. My hair has never really been damaged from doing this, but I know that the chemicals are not good for my hair AT ALL. Review. Thanks HCL!! Deionized water (aqua), dipropylene glycol methyl ether, genipa americana extract, cetearyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, orbignya oleifera (babacu) seed oil, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, essential oils rose flower (rose), cananga odorata (ylang ylang), jasimum officinale (jasmin) and santalum album (sandalo), achillea millefolium extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract, arnica montana … Massage well into hair. I actually thought this was pretty easy. So I recommend better gloves and brush. I too thought I couldn’t and yea I did make a slight mess.. but nothing you can’t clean up. Say goodbye to gray hair! Some customers with dark hair (dark brown to black) like the subtle reddish halo that Pure Henna and Wine Red can kiss to their dark hair. I have also tried Wine Red, Light Brown, and Medium Brown — all of which are also very nice, but not quite my long-term preference. It’s been 8 months since I did that and my hair is still a dark shade of green and brown. Thanks, HCL!!! I wanted to oil my hair as it has so many benefits but apparently oil removes henna Overall, I have recommended this product and will cont. The results were a cool toned dark brown / flat natural brown black. It was horrible! Before I tried Henna I had bleached hair that was badly damaged and I must say that I was hesitant to try Henna at first. but you don't want to use chemicals on your hair I am happy to tell you Nature has the solution for you: you'll obtain more than satisfying results on your white / grey hair using henna!. This color is the first one to come out as pictured. Maybe you need to leave it longer to have a better result, I left mine on for close to four hours. Two treatments was perfect. My boyfriend did notice it right away, and my mother complimented me on the pretty reddish highlights that developed. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Organic henna hair dyes - no allergic reactions, 1 Pack Light Brown Henna Hair & Beard Dye / Color - The Henna Guys, DEEP RED Henna Hair & Beard Color / Dye - 3 Pack - The Henna Guys. I need to make another review ! It rinsed out very easily with some conditioner and was the most lovely brown! Never Tested on Animals. I have very light brown/dark blonde hair and I left the henna in for about 20/30 minutes and rinsed – the color came out a nice natural strawberry blonde tone, not very dark at all which suits me well. Once applied, rinsed, and matured(48 hrs), that will be your hair color until it grows out, or is cut off. I am sooooo happy I did. a few days later my hair still smells a little “earthy” but i don’t really mind it. I’ve been using henna for around 15 years, and I have been regularly using the Mahogany color of Henna Color Labs henna for the last year or so. Really appreciate BD’s review . The pigments will keep the hair its existing color or color darker (depending on color used). Lasts 4-6 weeks . $12.50. I am writing another review. *Please Note: initial uptake of the natural colors may take two to three applications. That said, I absolutely love this dye (and its lack of harmful chemicals), and now that I know how to make it stick, I plan to be a lifelong customer. This is the only method that worked on my grays and I am now a repeat customer. It was nice and rich and chocolatey which I loved.. of indigo and add a T or so to the dark brown. The next morning I woke up and rinsed the henna out of my hair which by the way took forever but it was sooooooo worth it. I then added a splash of lemon juice. I dyed my hair with this about 3 weeks ago. To achieve different shades of brown with Henna, we combine it with Indigo, which is another plant-based dye possessing a natural, dark-blue tone. My boyfriends mother is a hairdresser, and she was/is skeptical about it, but I think she’s mad because I found a natural, non-chemical, vegan hair dye that is cheaper than what I would pay her. This was my first time using henna as a dye product, and I am obsessed with it! The " brown henna " you can find in many shops (whether it's mahogany brown or light brown or dark brown) is nothing more than a special mix of various herbal hair dyeing colors. Hi everyone, Welcome to my channel. Tip: It’s always best to stay within the same color family. DARK BROWN HENNA HAIR COLORING POWDER 6 PACKS 60G-DYE GRAY HAIR-10 COLORS. i left it on for the longest so i could have the darkest brown but it did nothing. It took me about 3 hours to dye my hair with henna and I love it! The best part is you don’t have to wait for dye release and can apply it immediately. Yes, you can mix all the colors. GRID. Mine kept slipping off my hands all the time making a slight mess. If you are unsure of how this will go on your hair if it is a strange color or very chemically damaged i highly recommend buying it. I love it!!! I purchased this color and did a strand test with harvested hair. My first round with henna was dark brown over the whole head. i suggest taking the full two hours to apply, which is not fun, but worth it. Always Cruelty-Free. Overall, it was a great experience! I love it…I will say that I think I messed up on the water in the beginning. Note: hair thickness and type (straight, curly, etc) will make a difference. The instructions are thorough and very easy to use this product. I love how i look in the mirror and i felt perfectly classy for a mother’s day brunch with my almost raven, bold brunette locks. I waited a while to write this because I have been amazed…I had previously tried the light brown color (you can see my review below that) and thought it was too red for me to match my root color. The only hair dye I’ve used so far on my hair is the henna hair dyes from colorlab. But we did it, and it Rocks! I thought I put enough in but after I was using it the mixture became crumbly. as for the color It gave me a soft medium brown. My hair is soft and shiny and the color is stunning! I am one of those people that hair stylist hate because my hair is super stubborn to color. I love black hair but I think I am not ready for the two step process so dark brown over my faded dull chemical black hair it is. 1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for Hair, Natural Hair Color - Chemic… I told her I appreciated the compliment, but the highlights are really just my grey hair with the light brown henna! Two weeks later it hasn’t faded at all. My hair is long/medium a little past my breasts. I regretted my edgy college girl decision that prompted the deep fried hair i was left with. To me, it was less mess, better smell, no burning scalp, and didn’t take that much more time than the box stuff! Ex: Super Thick Curly Hair to Shoulder, Order 2 Packets. Thank you for developing this product and freeing people from chemical dyes! And mind you the 1st 2 treatments turned the grays green and stayed that way until the 3rd treatment, where they turned orange, and now they’re gold after the 4th. Now prepare a mixture of indigo powder with hot water and salt. One of my coworkers recently asked if I got highlights. It colored my grays slightly golden, it was interesting. Henna Color Lab has saved my life! $6.95. 22 years and had been contemplating going back to a dark brunette color. Tried Boiling water Coffee- … Two weeks later, I tried again, thinking that maybe the second time would cover better. Q: Why dark brown henna leaves a little bit of brownish tint in my hair. Amazing! i have tried so called “natural” hair dyes, but contain PPD substitutes that have also put me in the hospital. I have used many good brands of henna but henna lab is really the best. I think that’s easiest and this way you could get closer to your roots and grey if you have any. I am thouroughly impressed too at how well the henna seemed to almost protect my hair from drying out. My scalp seems fine with the neem. I also had a svalp imfection and i have a soothing sensation on some spots….On the other hand, I might have to go with a chemical dye to cover the light color bc I just want an even color all over my head. brown Henna mix by Color Lab and it was too light for me. Dark Brown. From scalp and root of hair, work evenly to top of hair. Some of the red shades (Pure Henna, Wine Red, Mahogany) may express on dark hair (dark brown to black), but expect the result to be subtle. Just read through the included application instructions thoroughly, or review on the website. Get ready for gorgeous hair!!!!! Thank you HCL. Work all hennaed hair into a mound on top of head. Dark brown henna hair is formulated by combining henna with indigo powder (Indigofera tinctoria) and few other herbs. The only issues that I have is that I tend to shed a bit when using the henna. Note: Treatments peak after one hour. But don’t be too scared of it being as permanent as a tattoo if you ever want to go back to chemicals, you can go a few shades lighter or darker after a 5-8 months of letting this product fade. It must be bleached in order for the color to show up on my hair. I tried the med. I have heavily processed and colored hair and at the time I decided to dye, I had a strong ombre going from black to dark blonde. I will go back to my pure henna again because that stuff covered my greys immediately and left them a nice copperish color which looked nice on the red color the henna gave my hair. Over a week, the parts that were blonde lightened up to a warm light brown, but I noticed greys were really showing. I am going to try the wine red henna next Thanks HCL for being amazing!! Henna Hair Dye - Light Blonde Assembly. I actually didn’t fade too much. only downside was the application itself. I would say all of the color washed out within 3 weeks and I followed the directions entirely ! BUT, it should be noted where the henna has been applied chemical color will turn darker than expected results. Remember: It’s 100% natural. It’s also important to know that Henna can’t lighten hair, it can only darken or maintain your current color. Some areas even looked green :/ I was so surprisingly disappointed, I don’t even know what to do with the third package I purchased. This product smells earthy and does not give me headaches or cause allergic reactions ! After some research i found out about henna. My gold highlights now have a barely-there reddish tint and my dull hair is so soft and a beautiful chocolaty-brown. I will still purchase this henna product to use as treatment for hair and scalp. i feel like i wasted my money. My hair actually feels thicker and stronger with each session i do, and always looks shinier and more moisturized. Greys . I also love that it doesn’t fade leaving your hair looking orange like chemical hair dye, but instead it just returns progressively to my natural hair color and my grey hair appears again. Experimented with mixes and indigo and then I found hennacolorlab. This was my first time using henna to dye my hair. I was ready to be a guinea pig, with Henna Color labs color variety and guarantee of being all natural and metallic salt free i ordered three packets of dark brown. It comes out more sheer, and moisturized. Cons: messssssy, plastic gloves are too big and bunch up easily; earthy smell clings to the hair for a few days. After several months of black hair dye my ends are fried and my hair color only looks shiny for a week,also I had terrible scabbing and itching on my scalp. It’s not quite dark enough yet, but way darker and richer than I thought possible from one application–and it’s been less than 24 hours so it should naturally darken a little more in the next day which is exciting! My natural color is a mousy brown with gold highlights so this color looks sharper and more sophisticated. Want rich, luscious, shiny hair that dazzles everyone? After talking with the folks at Morrocco Method about my previously bad experience using henna hair dye, they were super-helpful in teaching me how to properly cover up gray hairs (and even highlights) using 100% natural henna hair dye. Tips – How to apply henna and indigo on hair The first time was a huge mess, but I’ve done it so many times now I’ve perfected my routine and it’s so simple and easy! Please follow instructions and do not add coffe/tea/oil/egg, do not need it. I made the mistake of washing my hair within 24 hours and already know that a touch-up is in the near future. The application was super easy, a bit messy, but that’s what old towels are for. While I love Lush, this henna was also great! I found it easier and a much more relaxing process than boxed or salon dyeing. Btw, I actually enjoyed the smell. I wanted to dye my hair dark brown, but Morrocco Method also has options for dying the hair light brown, medium brown, light blonde, red and black. Other than the smell, I love love love this product! Log in to check order status, or speed up checkout. My ends are super damaged and I have tons of split ends and they look so much healthier now! You probably will not be able to bleach it back to blonde, I didn’t want to, I honestly just needed it to remove a chemical dye but it did lift out a large portion of the henna. So happy with the way my color turned out!! If you have made it to the bottom of this review I guess what I am trying to say in summary is that you can have beautiful hair, this product is simple to use and all natural…as well as cost effective. Afterwards, my hair is left soft and healthy. I used my own shampoo as I didn’t like the one the starter kit came with-sorry. Really nice to finally find something natural that works! Let me start by saying that I wish they had emphasized the importance of aftercare when using this dye. I had always been steered away from it by prior hair stylists with horror stories of henna gone bad. I recently made the switch to henna dyes and have been mentally kicking myself for not doing so sooner, but I’m so glad to have found Henna Color Labs and their kicka$$ customer service! Miraculously it mixed so easily! However the dark brown color is beautiful and really nourishes hair. We tweaked our black formula (added in some additional henna and blended in some light reflective conditioners) to express a glorious dark chocolatey brown. I really like this color. Better protect your investment with the best natural, sulfate free shampoo around! I was cautious applying the dye, and so did a small section and wrapped in tin foil to check the colour result mostly. Hope my results help you make the right choice. Customer for life!! Other than that, it’s very similar—minus all the chemicals & synthetic nasties. I cannot sing the praises enough. WELL YOU HAVE MADE ME A PERMANENT CUSTOMER AND A BELIEVER.. My husband said my hair is lustrous and he has never seen my hair this healthy looking before. As it dries it will thicken (best consistency to administer all pigment & treatment qualities). Try it, you’ll thank me Oh ya, and I mix conditioner into the henna after mixing the powder with water and letting it activate for a minute for a less inky/intense/dark color. It faded to this lovely darker medium brown. At first I was a bit skeptical…could I really get a quality product for this price. Also, the color is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Swiss Mist - Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye 100% Natural, No Chemicals, Metallic Salts, PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, GMO-Free, Triple sifted for Quality, Guaranteed Freshness - 100 Grams (3.52 oz) 4.4 out of 5 stars 3 $11.99$11.99 ($3.41/Ounce) Get it as soon as Fri, Feb 7 IN LOVE<3 this color lasted for 6 months. Thanks, Henna Color Lab! One and a half hours sure beats 6 hours with the henna I was using before. That’s just how we ride. Henna will smooth split ends, protect from the elements and cleanse the scalp, promoting hair growth. Note: if you have very damaged hair from chemical dyeing or use large amounts of relaxer, your best option is to wait one month before using ANY hair products. after years and years of using horrible box dye and getting my hair professionally dyed … i was sick of my hair falling out! But if you’re covering serious gray, you’ll need something with a little more dyeing power. I did a research online and got my first 2 dark brown henna dye(I choose color lab because of the amazing prices and quality ingredients). Than you!for a wonderful experience!!! She said my hair looked so pretty! It’s a little annoying for that reason, but the color is excellent, it’s amazing for your hair and it’s all natural and vegan and I will continue to use it for those reasons! Will be purchasing again!❤️❤️❤️? This gave me a nice dark brown tone which took a couple of days to really come through. I will NEVER go back to store or salon dyes again. catnancat50@hotmail.com – November 11, 2013. The color turned out beautifully and so natural looking. I have 3b/3c spiral curl dark brown hair with about 25% gray mostly in the front of my hair. For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page. I just couldn’t live with it anymore so I tried this and what an amazing color it gave my hair! My hair feels soooo soft and shiny. I left it on for exactly 2 hours and used a conditioner to rinse it out. I’m probably 40% grey with dark brown hair. I used it to dye the increasing number of grey strands. For example: chlorine bleach, extreme sun exposure, regular shampooing(retail brand shampoo), intense heat(blow-drying) all slowly strip the pigment from the hair. Also, it wasn’t only a coloring process, it was like a deep conditioning treatment as well; three weeks on my hair still feels soft and stronger somehow. My hair feels so pretty and soft and i swear it grew as well! • Milled to a fine powder to allow maximum, predictable pigment release. The color turned out nice and I will be using this product again. Especially on heavily damaged hair. I followed what she did and I got the desired result of dark brown color PLUS most importantly took care of my stubborn grey hair as well!!! I ended up dying it the next month to cover up the henna splotchiness. I’ve done 4 applications now and my patch of grays looks golden, not brown. Henna-based dyes will take up to 48 hours to express true colors and undertones. Now I am going to purchase the light brown in order for me to achieve dark brown for my stubborn black hair. I like this about this particular brand. . It took me two, two hour sessions of the henna to cover my red. I have been using Lush henna products for over a year and decided to give Henna Color Lab a try. Nothing had covered the red, every brown hair dye covered my ronald mcdonald locks marginally, giving me purple hair that always faded back to the red i was so sick of. it did not stain my skin the way chemical dyes do. I added some auburn to the dark brown to get some red highlights. This is my second time using henna but my first time using it from Henna Color Lab. $12.50. : Chemical-free alternative to toxins and harsh dyes. I am a worrier so I had back up plans in case my hair turned out some crazy red color, but my hair is gorgeous – it is fuller and some of the wave and frizz was taken out. I’ve finally gotten it to a point where it is super healthy again, but I was worried about using traditional box dye and destroying my hair again. i did a ton of research and came across this company… sounded too good to be true… i thought … what do i have to lose? Touch-up along all hair lines. i am so happy that i have found a solution, especially for when the greys start coming in faster! I can’t wait to see how the color develops over the next week, but I think I am already hooked on natural and not going back. I was a virgin to henna until this week; I will never go back to traditional dye again! Unlike hair coloring which penetrates through the hair shaft, Henna gently coats the hair by sealing in moisture, making the hair thicker, stronger, shinier and lustrous. I was at the end of my rope. I have extremely thick hair and this reduces the frizz to make it nice, smooth, and shiny! So the initial application may color a shade or two lighter. Followup applications should do the trick and lock it in better for you. And YES IT DOES DYE OVER, and since this is an organic product you don’t have to worry about your hair breaking off or turning green. I just heated water on stove, mixed and left on strand for 2 hours then rinsed with conditioner and dried. My hair is so soft and shiny after the application! I was debating to get this or the Meduim brown. Your hair will be stronger, healthier and more manageable with tons of shine and bounce! Also it makes your hair so soft and manageable. The black henna on blonde hair must, however, be used with care. This is a great product and if you keep practicing it won’t take long to get the hang of it. With most hair dye (box dye) my scalp stings and my hair falls out and breaks, but I can already tell that this is different. For super thick curly hair, order an extra packet. I’m placing another order right away. I bought the dark brown after deciding the light brown was too reddish for me. I’m really impressed with this product! Thank you, thank you Henna Color Lab!! Other hennas I used left some stains which after a few days wore off. Henna did not work for me, After 3 years of doing highlights and balaye I decided to stop, my hair got dull and damaged. I told my friends and family about it and they are excited. As a natural hair dye, it dates back over 6000 years: Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and ancient Romans used henna as a hair dye. I am extremely allergic to chemical hair dye. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. the process is a pain to put on, but the waiting for it to process is fine. Use conditioner to make the process easier; just condition twice as you rinse-out. I’ve been using different hair color blends from Henna Color Lab for the last couple of years. Loved the color at first but fades quickly ! This was my first henna experience. I was going to try using it again sooner than later to see if it will rid of my (now subtle) copper highlights…Give it a try…you will be happy….If you aren’t confident to do it alone just ask a friend. I just color d my hair again with this color being it faded quite a bit but I just do another application yesterday and this time I left it in for four hours and my hair is extremely soft silky and bouncy and not to mention shiny I did out 100% pure essential oils in my hair so the smell after washing wasn’t as bad as it had been but I’m so in love with this color and I jus mad another purchase I ordered all the hair treatments and most of the shampoos and I got all the red colors becseu I could decide which one to do! I’ve used the Auburn dye a few times and never had that issue. I have been no poo for 9 almost 20 months now and I lightened my hair for the summer with lemon juice honey and peroxide and I my was drying and I wanted to darken my hair found different options but this was the only one to quickly color my hair . I was nervous so I bought a second package of henna immediately. I wanna pop a little red in my hair as well!! Definitely worth the trial and error to get it right. Henna Hair Dye - Dark Brown Assembly. I quit using henna after I got some gray hair and went to salon dye. Our method of using Indigo with Henna allows for a wider range of color options. You can reapply as often as you like. May go back to dark brown for the winter, but a little harsh for summer. i have been hospitalized several times with anaphylactic shock. I have successfully switched out all of my beauty products except for hair dye. My hair was very patchy from the lavender dye turning different colors throughout my hair so I was worried the henna would also be a bit patchy, but nope! I just don’t like the smell of henna which I think smells of stale pot but I use coconut or almond oil to moisturize my hair so it mask the smell.I’m about to order some more. I love that I can create my own custome color. have been using Henna Color Lab treatments for a year now, with the dark brown shade being my favorite. Application is important, but aftercare will make or break the end result. Henna Maiden DELICIOUS DARK BROWN Hair Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free, Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 Ounce, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, 1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for Hair, Natural Hair Color - Chemical Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys. I mix the dark brown and just a sprinkle of red wine henna for deep chocolate brown color with plummy/burgundy high lights. Use quart size mixing bowl per 3.5oz packet(100g) and a spoon to mix. I absolutely love Henna Color Labs!! (2 Pack), Kangana Henna Powder for Hair Dye/Colour - Dark Brown Henna Powder for 100% Grey Coverage - 6 pouches inside- Total 60g (2.11 Oz), Reshma Beauty 30 Minute Henna Hair Color Pure Natural & Organic Dye infused with Goodness of Herbs (Light Brown), Henna (Persian) - Med Brown (Chestnut), 4 oz (pack of 2), Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner, Dark Brown, 4 oz (113 g) (Pack of 3), Cosmic Element USDA Organic Hair Coloring Powder with Assorted Shades (4oz, Dark Brown), Surya Brasil Products Henna Cream, Golden Brown, 2.37 Fluid Ounce, Vatika naturals Henna Hair Color - Dark Brown [Pack of 3], DEEP RED Henna Hair Color - 1 Pack - Best Red Henna for Hair, Natural Hair Color - Chemical Free Henna Hair Dye - The Henna Guys, Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit, Dark Brown, 20 Applications, Just Jaivik 100% Organic Indigo Powder - 227 gms / 1/2 LB Pound / 08 Oz - Indigofera Tinctoria- A 100% Organic Hair Dye - Color your hair dark brown to black with Henna, Hair Color EKOEH BRASIL Cream Dark Brown, PPD FREE, VEGAN 2.7fl.oz, 100% Pure Henna Powder For Hair Dye - Red Henna Hair Color, Best Red Henna For Hair - The Henna Guys (200g), Reshma Beauty Natural Dark Brown 30 Minute Henna Hair Color, Surya Henna Dark Brown Cream 2.31 Oz. dark brown henna hair color cream dye gray white hair 12 colors usa seller. Dark brown with auburn highlights. If your hair is black from henna hair dye, then you will need to lighten it first before using dark brown. I finally feel empowered and free from chemical dyes! A strong rich brown sets the base while delicate walnut & coffee notes dance on the highlights. Individual results may be different depending on the experience with henna, hair types and how your hair get along with henna. I did buy the pure indigo and apply if after henna around my face and it did cover the orange. i used the longest recommended times and it barely changed my hair colour and it left it with a golden sheen, something i was hoping to get rid of. Pigments saturate deeper. Get the best deals on Dark Brown Hair Colors Vegan Henna for your home salon or home spa. But here are some tips that may help without using … Before using this I was using pure henna from another company. The dark brown turned my hair a light to mid brown and I had highlights peaking through. Add a Tbsp of Pure Henna to warm up a color, or add a Tbsp of Pure Indigo to darken by a shade or two and so on—create what you want. $19.99. The color came out perfect!! After 5 months of last application I was able to BLEACH my hair and it did become much lighter, I would say a level 6/7 from a black shade. It really brings out the best in my natural color. Love dying my hair with henna knowing it’s all natural and no animals were harmed in the process! As long as you’re using all natural henna and henna-herbal products, you won’t have any problems. Am so in love. I love the amount that they put in each package, I have a little longer then BSL and I had more then enough product with the 2 packs, I was very happy about that. It faded after my first shampooing and now is so silky, I might have to get product that makes it less so. It works well on real hair as well as human-hair extensions! The first time I used this product it was a bit messy but after i completed the back section I became a pro. I then tried the dark brown and I got a medium brown color with tons of copper strands. i initially got the lighter brown shade and although i was super happy that i looked so much better… it was pretty red. . I used to have natural blonde hair and I wanted a change so I used henna because my aunt said it is not as bad as chemical dye so I used the dark brown and I woke up the next morning after dyeing it twice that night and my hair was green. I was worried about my 5 month old highlighted hair strands picking up red tones which is something I did not want, however the color is beautiful and I am so happy with the results.